Reblog: Crossway Update

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about Crossway’s need for financial support in order to help them repair their flood-damaged headquarters and to sustain Bible ministry efforts abroad. Since then, they’ve released another blog post detailing their continuing need for assistance:

Dear Friends of Crossway,

You may have recently heard from us about the flood at Crossway and its impact on our ministry. Last week, we reached out to ask for help at this challenging time, and we wanted to send this update on our progress.

Over 1200 people have responded to offer prayer and gifts of support. These gifts have enabled us to reach 53% of our goal, which was to raise $360,000 by May 31st so that we could pursue necessary repairs and maintain progress with key ministry initiatives. We’re humbled and encouraged by the Lord’s provision and the response so far, but still have a significant way to go.

Please keep Crossway in your prayers, as I’m sure you’ve been blessed by their ministry as I have. If you can find it in your budget to give to them, I know that they would appreciate it, and that God will use your generosity to bless the Bible ministry efforts that Crossway is undertaking. The deadline they’ve set is May 31st, so please spend the next couple of days praying for them and the generosity of the saints to support this ministry. I’ve talked to a Crossway employee recently, and I want to pass on to you that they are grateful for your support!


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