Hi! My name is Elliot, and I’m currently a graduate student at UCLA. I did my undergraduate studies at UCLA with a major in statistics and a minor in English. I’m not the strongest theoretical statistician, although my graduate studies are sharpening those skills. I really enjoy the applied side of statistics, and I’ve been having fun learning those and applying them in the workplace. I’m also a graduate of Lynbrook High School in San Jose, California.

A bit about me: I like reading, movie scores, podcasts, blogs… I’m a member of the campus fellowship Grace on Campus, which is a ministry of my church, Grace Community Church. I also help out with Central African Preaching Academy in Malawi, Africa. These are the kinds of things I’ll be blogging about. It’s a place for me to post my thoughts, observations, and insights on all the things I’m interested in.

Because my faith is such a large part of my life, a lot of content–not all, but a good deal–will be centered on my faith in Christ. My feeble attempts to live a life centered on Christ are made possible only by the grace of God, who loves me and sent His Son to bear a punishment that I deserve. (If you’d like to read some more about that, I’ve written at length about it here.)

I hope you find here something that interests you, and/or something that you find useful in your own life. Thanks for reading, and feel free to converse with me using any of the comment boxes, or send me an email with the form below!



Questions? Comments? Post them here!

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