Last Blood Donation (For a While)

2014_11_15 - blood donation

I try and donate blood every once in a while. UCLA makes it convenient by having one of their Blood and Platelet Centers in our student union building. It also helps that one of their incentives is a free movie ticket to a local theater, including a Gold Ticket to AMC–a pretty good deal! And I’m thankful for the very kind and attentive medical professionals who take care of me if I get hot and/or cold and/or dizzy. The folks at the Ackerman center are some of the nicest medical professionals I’ve met.

Since I’ll be heading to Malawi this December to help set up a library for a seminary, I’ll be restricted from donating blood for one year, until January 3, 2016. (Something to do with the possible presence of malaria in the bloodstream, I guess.) I’m more sad about that than I thought I would be, considering that the procedure involves a rather large needle (see picture), and leaves me tired for the rest of the day. But Paul does instruct us to “do good to everyone” (Gal. 6:10), and this is a good way of doing that. If you haven’t donated blood, you should at least check to see if you’re eligible!


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