Reblog: “GIF Tutorial: Essential Knife Skills”

“GIF Tutorial: Essential Knife Skills from a Mission Chinese Cook”
a post for First We Feast

Bookmark this page, because after Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” episode “American Slicer,” this is perhaps the most helpful knife skills article I’ve seen. It covers how to hold a knife, what to do with your other hand, and the neatest/most efficient way to cut onions and garlic. I saw those techniques first on “Good Eats,” and I’ve been putting them to use ever since. (I can attest to the easiness and tidiness of the onion and garlic cutting method–I used it for garlic just half an hour ago.) Getting good with a knife takes practice, and I’m nowhere near proficient–I’m still working on getting fluid and precise motions. It also takes a good knife. (Victorinox Forschner, #40520, is an inexpensive recommendation by Cook’s Illustrated magazine.) In any case, I’ve found this grip and these cutting methods to be quite helpful in my kitchen prep when I need to cook.

If you’ve got five minutes, Food Network has helpfully provided a clip from the “American Slicer” episode. I highly recommend you watch it! And if you’ve got a couple bucks, buying the whole episode might not be such a bad idea, either. (I love “Good Eats”!)

NOTE: There is one instance of swearing in the article. Also, I make no vouchers for the rest of the First We Feast website. The GIFs are handy, and that’s the only recommendation I’m making.


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