Pen Review: Morning Glory Mach 3 (0.38mm, blue black)

I looked at the Morning Glory Mach 3 as a part of my ongoing search to find my perfect pen–my “blue whale,” as it were. This pen only comes in a 0.38mm tip size, although it has a variety of colors. This particular pen has blue black ink, which is exactly what it sounds like: a regular blue mixed with some black for a more navy color. In this pen, the blue black runs quite heavy on the black aspect, so the ink is very dark. In terms of line width, I would say that it writes a hair larger than a 0.38mm gel ink pen.

resize IMG_20140216_171109 - Mach 3, color-crop

This pen uses liquid ink, which means that the ink is water-based, so I wouldn’t expect it to be as water-resistant as gel- or oil-based inks. (Granted, I could be wrong, but I don’t really feel like testing it…) As I mentioned before, the ink runs very much toward black, so much so that when I first used it, I had to grab a black pen and write some things so that I could compare the two colors. It’s not black, but the ink in my particular pen is very, very dark. Not really sure why; judging from other reviews, I think it’s an issue with only this pen. As a liquid ink pen, I think the ink is prone to be absorbed into the paper a bit more, which is why you get a little bit thicker line with this pen than, say, a Uni-ball Signo DX. It’s not a drastic difference–quite slight, actually–but noticeable.

IMG_20140216_171309 - Morning Glory Mach 3

The Mach 3 has, overall, a very modern design. The cap, as you can see, has an angled nose, the grip is a clear plastic with the feed visible, the clip is shiny stamped steel, there’s an ink window, the logo for the font, and so on. It’s nice if you like that sort of thing. I find it reasonable. It’s unique, at the very least, with a bit of flair to it; not at all an unattractive pen. It sports a needlepoint tip, which I have no need for, but that’s cool, too. (It could come in handy if you’re doing detail work requiring rulers and guides and such.) Also, the cap clicks extremely positively when capping and posting (where you put the cap on the butt end of the pen). The Mach 3 is not a bad pen by any means, and it’s quite cheap, so if you’re interested in a liquid ink pen with a needlepoint tip, I would say go for it. I just have no particular need for a liquid ink pen with this color, so I’m going to pass. But I wouldn’t discourage you from buying one! (It might help you get over $25 so that you can get free shipping with JetPens.)

IMG_20140216_171209 - Morning Glory Mach 3

(This pen was provided free for review by the JetPens store, but the opinions contained herein are solely my own.)


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