“He Threw”

“He Threw”
written October 30, 2013

The scene before us could not be more bleak:
The judge with robes so white our eyes begin to squint
Condemns us for our sins. It makes us meek.
We know of innocence we have no hint.

How can we argue with this judge? For he
Is right–our conscience testifies for him.
The gavel should come down, our sentence be
Announced at any moment. Fate looks grim.

BEHOLD! The smile written on his face!
He takes our sins and throws them in the sea!
They sink, as bubbles rise to fill their space,
Into the deep so dark they can’t be seen.

Stunned silence. Quiet. Then a roar so loud
It deafens all who stand and watch the scene–
Has e’er there been so joyous, glad a crowd?
Come, praise the judge, for he has set us free!

So praise his glorious grace, and praise his love!
Praise him who crushed our sins under his feet!
Praise him who has compassion from above
And showers us with peace and mercy sweet!

Our shepherd at fellowship shared Micah 7:19 this past week, and I was overwhelmed by the imagery in that verse. Micah declares, “You will cast all our sins / into the depths of the sea.” That’s it–God gathers all of our sins, and in one motion throws them deep into the sea, where they will sink to the bottom and remain there forever and ever. We will never see them again! The excitement of beholding this future event is what I try to convey through this promise. The forgiveness we have should cause us great joy, but it is also meant to point to the goodness of God, as the last stanza–drawn from Ephesians 1–indicates. So when you worship through music this week, react, and don’t just sing. Remember the joy of your salvation, and the promise that one day our sins will be completely forgotten, and praise God for His glorious grace!


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