Pen Review: Pilot Frixion Point (0.4mm)

The Pilot Frixion Point is an erasable pen–but not one of those erasable pens. Up until a few years ago, the only erasable pens you could find on the market attempted to treat erasable pens the same as pencils: a rubber eraser would attempt to pick ink residue off the page, and you would be left with scraps of eraser and terrible smudges on the page. This is the case no longer. The Frixion Point is an excellent choice for an erasable pen. If I needed erasable pens, I’d reach for this one.

IMG_20131005_133103 - Pilot Frixion Point

The folks at Pilot decided to take a new approach to erasable pens, and their work is on display in the Frixion line of pens. They still use a rubber eraser, but instead of trying to remove ink reside, they use thermosensitive ink that turns transparent when exposed to the heat of erasing. The first generation (pictured below) didn’t do such a great job of erasing, which is why I never really got into the Frixion line. One of my pens started to smudge the ink, and the other one–in red–wouldn’t completely erase all the ink, so faint traces of lettering would still be left. The new generation does a much better job. My writing all but disappears when I use the eraser.

IMG_20131005_133159 - Pilot Frixion Point

One continuing quirk of the Frixion line of pens is that the ink tends to be rather washed-out. My guess is that the thermosensitive ink formula doesn’t allow for bold colors. My old black and red produced faded colors when I wrote with them–the black was more like gray–and it’s still the case for this Frixion Point. It’s supposed to be blue black, but it’s really more of a cerulean than a cross between blue and black. It’s a nice color, and I like it! It’s just not blue black. Another quirk: you can’t post the cap on the back of the pen. The designers have decided that they would rather have the eraser be on the back of the pen than on the cap, so you’ll have to put the cap in a safe spot while you write. (Or don’t use the eraser, but that would defeat the whole point…)

The needlepoint tip and the gel ink make for a great writing combination. There’s a comfortable grip to use as you write, and the ink comes out smoothly and consistently. Erasing ability and unique ink color aside, this is a nice pen with a modern design. If you take a lot of notes with pen and would enjoy some erasing capabilities, this is the pen for you. Pilot has put a lot of work into developing and designing the Frixion, and it shows. If you’d like an erasable pen, pick up a Frixion Point–I don’t think there’s a better erasable pen on the market.

(This pen was provided free for review by the JetPens store, but the opinions contained herein are solely my own.)


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