Post-Dinner Excursion Photos

After dinner with the family, we took a brief detour on the way home to visit the waterfront. I took these with the phone on my camera, so the quality’s not the best. But to me, it’s more about what the eye beholds than what digital sensor captures it. I wanted to see how the camera could do in a more demanding landscape setting. Not superb, but also not terrible. At least I have photos to view and share–as they say, the best camera is the one you have with you.


Turns out the camera has a shorter focal length than my eye does. The moon was bigger when I was looking at it in real life–big and bright so I could see all the craters. My least favorite out of these three. It’s kind of boring.


The water was creating neat little patterns due to the wind, and the camera was able to pick them up. I’m enjoying the drama in the water at the bottom of the photo. Even though I could have given the grass more detail by upping the exposure in post-processing, I decided against it to give some depth and moodiness to the water.


Took this last picture for the clouds, which the camera couldn’t quite capture. Too bad, because they were beautiful. Even so, they still retain some of their brushed quality in this picture. That, the haziness of the mountains, and the beautiful golden colors on the tower (thanks largely to taking this picture at the “golden hour,” just prior to sunset) gives this a painterly feeling that I love.


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