Sharing the Gospel with Friends

“Sharing the Gospel with Friends”

To return the favor my friend Ashley did by guest posting for me last week while I was busy, I recently wrote a guest post for her at her blog. The topic I chose to write about was on sharing the gospel with friends–as opposed to sharing the gospel with strangers. I find the latter much easier, since the sacrifice required of me is lesser. If a stranger walks away from me and chooses never to talk to me again because of what I said, it is little loss; if a friend were to do the same thing, I would be pained. Sadly, it is this fear of losing my friends, rather than the desire to glorify God, that has governed my personal and relational evangelism. Here are three reflections–three motivations, each greater than the previous–on why we should share the gospel with our friends. Head over to Ashley’s blog to read the post!


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