Reblog: “Complementarianism: Essential or Expendable?”

“Complementarianism: Essential or Expendable?”
a panel discussion at Together for the Gospel 2012

It should come as no surprise to the readers of this blog that I am a complementarian. I believe that men and women have different roles to play in marriage and in the church, though these differing roles–and authorities–do not spring from the fact that one sex is worth more than the other. This panel, moderated by Ligon Duncan and featuring Russell Moore, Greg Gilbert, and John Piper, does a good job of explaining the importance and biblicality of complementarianism and showing the errors and downfalls of egalitarianism. This panel discussion serves as a good primer to this doctrine and addresses some common concerns about it. It’s a little light on the practical aspects of complementarianism–I was hoping that there would be some clear suggestions as to what this looks like in the home–but it is certainly still worth watching as an introduction to complementarianism.



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