A Day at Half Moon Bay

I spent the afternoon yesterday with my parents at Half Moon Bay. It’s about a 40 minute drive from where I live, so we decided to take a short trip there for lunch. We ate at Sushi Main Street. The service was terribly slow, but the food was pretty good. We all had bento boxes, which came with miso soup, our choice of two main pieces, and green tea ice cream. I had the salmon teriyaki and chicken teriyaki; the salmon was pretty good, as was the grilled white fish that my dad ordered. The green tea ice cream was also quite tasty–strong and not too sweet.


Afterward, we took a short walk down main street and stopped to visit some of the stores. The one that stood out to us the most was a yarn store, for knitting and crocheting hobbyists. They had a lot of yarn, arranged quite neatly.





Right before we left, we saw a car with some interesting stuff glued to the hood. There were also seashells glued to the side mirrors. Most interestingly of all, the car was a Toyota Corolla. I guess the owner really liked the idea of having a Volkswagen for its hippy vibe.


All in all, a fun little outing!

Postscript: The pictures did not turn out like this from my camera. Since Instagram seems to be in right now, I thought I would crop the photos square and play around with them in Photoshop to achieve some desired effects. I’m particularly proud of pictures 4 and 6. Quick editing seems to be a good way to make my phone camera more acceptable. I don’t do Instagram at all–in the vast majority of cases, I want my pictures to be as true to actual colors as possible, so this was a fun experimentation!


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