Reblog: “When the Not-Yet Married Meet: Dating to Display Jesus”

“When the Not-Yet Married Meet: Dating to Display Jesus”
a blog post by Marshall Segal for Desiring God

There are a lot of sermons and books that talk about marriage–what it represents, men’s and women’s roles, and so on. It is much more rare that you will find a helpful resource on dating, which is somewhat disappointing, because it is the route many believers use in their Christian liberty to find a spouse. (To be fair, this is likely because dating, being an exercise of Christian liberty, is not found in example or in instruction in Scripture.) In this blog post, Marshall Segal provides helpful commentary on a vision for dating that is Christ-centered and Christ-glorifying. To sum up his article in two points, it is that dating must be no less Christ-centered and mutually encouraging than marriage is, and that despite that similarity, the absence of a covenant makes dating different in significant ways. Besides the more theoretical points that challenge us to view dating in a Christian way, Segal also provides some practical things to think about. This should be a helpful article for those who choose to date to find a spouse.


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