Reblog: “Shades of Love”

“Shades of Love”
a blog post by Tim Challies

It’s a delight to say that the best part of this blog post isn’t the poeticism. I would consider reblogging a poem if I found it particularly compelling–it wouldn’t even have to be a poem. I would reblog just about anything if the aesthetics are pleasing enough. The emotion that Challies here displays is touching. He describes the different shades of love he feels for his son, daughter, and wife, and concludes the post by marveling at how much we can learn about God by the different ways He allows us to love. This idea is taken from 1 John 4:19, which says, “We love because he first loved us.” Challies takes this simple verse and expands on it in a unique and beautiful way that befits the topic. The best part of this blog post is that the poetic way Challies describes his love for his family helps illustrate the character and love of God.


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