Reblog: “He Knows Me”

“He Knows Me”
a blog post by Ashley Wei

My friend Ashley is a freshman at GOC. (She’s also an English major, and though she would deny it because she’s quite modest, she is an excellent writer. I find her writing to be a delight to read.) One of the things we share in common is that we are both introverts. We’ve talked about the similar challenges we face, such as a lack of desire to fellowship with believers we don’t know very well when given such an opportunity. It was quite a pleasant surprise to see that she addressed the issue of her introversion in a blog post. In the opening paragraph of this post, Ashley speaks with candor about another product of her introversion: that her self-worth is often determined by how other people think of her. Ashley takes a look at what Psalm 139 has to say about how God perceives us, and she discusses how that should assure of us of His deep love for us. The fear of man and desire for the approval of man is also something I struggle with, so I am grateful to Ashley for sharing what she has learned from Psalm 139. I am sure that the assurances found therein will be helpful in fighting melancholy in times to come.


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