Reblog: “The Abundance of Giving”

“The Abundance of Giving”
a blog post by John MacArthur

In this blog post, Pastor MacArthur argues that “the thing you should look forward to the most [in Sunday service] is the offering.” An interesting statement–not one that I’m fully inclined to agree with, but he makes a point. (Perhaps he’s just using hyperbole.) The point he makes is that with all the promises that God makes in Scripture with regard to generous and cheerful giving, the fact that we will be repaid abundantly for our sacrifices, we should be motivated to be dependably sacrificial givers. Every Sunday, you have the opportunity to worship God through your offering, but also to open yourself up to God’s own generosity, reserved for those who give. I hope that you will be encouraged to give frequently and substantially because of the good that it will do, and because of the knowledge that God provides for those who give–indeed, even overwhelming provisions and blessings. (HT: Challies)


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