Annual Sovereign Grace Ministries Sale

Hello, readers! I’d like to inform you that the Sovereign Grace Ministries store is having their annual February sale. Most of their items are 40% off, so if money is a bit tight but you’d like to buy some great resources from SGM, now is the time.

I’ve reviewed the Sovereign Grace Music albums “Psalms” and “Come Weary Saints” and I love both of them, particularly the latter. I’m looking forward to picking up the new albums “The Gathering” and “Eres Dios” (from the 2011 “Worship God” conference and their newest Spanish album, respectively) as well as an older album called “Valley of Vision,” containing old Puritan prayers set to new melodies. (You can listen to previews at the SGM Music website.) I’ll probably also pick up a couple of books while I’m at it–I’m thinking another copy of “Living the Cross Centered Life” to give away, and “Worship Matters.”

Shipping is free on orders over $25. If for some reason you have difficulty reaching the free shipping threshold, find a friend! I’m sure that between the two of you, you can find enough edifying resources to place a $25 order. Give it some thought–they’ve got some great worship CDs and books!


Questions? Comments? Post them here!

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