A Prayer for Finals


It is now finals week, and I am more anxious this finals week than I have been for any finals week in the past. Help me not be anxious, but instead to rest on Your grace. I ask now for overwhelming grace tomorrow, that You would show favor to me and allow me time to study and to remember all that I have studied. I ask that, in Your grace, You would allow me to do well on my tests. By the very definition of “grace” I acknowledge that it will not come for any merit of mine; indeed, I am fully aware of time wasted last week that I could have spent studying. I am still a sinner, undeserving of anything, which is why I ask for Your grace. I ask that all things work together for my academic favor.

Even as You have said that You will cause all things will work together for the good of those who love You, I know that our ideas for what is good for me will differ. Help me see that the good You have in store for me is not always the good I have in mind for myself, and that Your good will for me will ultimately benefit me in far greater and better ways than I could have planned. Give me the faith to see that the outcome of my finals is part of a greater plan not just for Your glory, but also for my good, because in Your grace the two coincide. Give me faith to trust in Your goodness if tomorrow does not go as I will, because I know that Your will is good.

I have sought to worship you this past week in my studies, God. I have desired to glorify You in using the intellectual capabilities You have given me to the fullest that I can. Though I have come short, by Your grace, You have given me the time, will, strength, and joy to study for many hours so that I can glorify You in this way. Continue this, Father! Continue to show me how I can glorify You in my schoolwork. Prevent me from believing in the false dichotomy of ministry versus studying. Show me that they are not mutually exclusive, and that I can–and must–pursue both things to Your glory. Your very nature of holiness and perfection makes You worthy of nothing but the best, and thus You demand the very best from us. Impress upon me the ways I can bring You honor through studying and let me not neglect those ways for other ways I find more preferable.

God, I recognize that tomorrow may not go my way. I may not do as well on the exams as I would have hoped. If that is the case, I declare that my shortcoming is Your will. I resolve now, O God, to glorify You and worship You tomorrow no matter what happens to me. I resolve this in my heart now, at this moment, knowing that my emotions may discourage me from worship. I will honor You tomorrow, God, whether I do well or I do poorly, for Your grace abounds even in my academic shortcomings! If you allow me to wake up tomorrow, that is grace! If you provide food for me tomorrow, that is grace! If you maintain the mind that writes these words now to score even a single point tomorrow, that is grace! My friends, my family, Your Word: grace upon grace! Your grace does not change with my grade, so I will worship You tomorrow no matter how I do. Whether by life or death, pass or fail, A or B, be glorified in me.

Help me honor Your Son’s name. Mold me so that I might bear it well.
It is in His name that I pray. Amen.


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