Reblog: “The New Covenant Is for Whom?”

“The New Covenant is for Whom?”
a blog post by Josaiah Grauman for The Cripplegate

This Thanksgiving, I am particularly thankful for the new covenant. I am thankful that God, in His grace, extended the new covenant to Gentiles that we might also be saved by the death and resurrection of Christ. I am thankful for the cross, by which I am saved; I am thankful for the new covenant, which has provision for the salvation of non-Israelites (like me!).

But it is important to remember that the new covenant still has provision for the Israelites, who are currently apostate and rejectors of Christ. This blog post does a good job of explaining my own views on the old and new covenants. I hope that as you read it, you also will be moved to thank God this Thanksgiving for His inclusion of Gentiles in the scope of salvation. I hope also that you will be moved to praise God for His faithfulness, from which we as believers have benefited so greatly, but which will also be revealed in a tremendous way when He will one day save His people and they will once again praise Him as their God and Savior. Have an excellent, God-glorifying Thanksgiving.

(Postscript: The Cripplegate is written by current and former Masters’ Seminary students, which is run by Grace Community Church. The blog regularly features posts by Nathan Busenitz and welcomes guest bloggers such as Austin Duncan and Wyatt Graham. It’s a great blog that’s worth a long read!)


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