Faith Promise

Each year, Grace Community Church holds the Faith Promise campaign, which states the following:

A note from the elders
As we begin a new year of Faith Promise, we are looking forward to seeing how the Lord will provide in order to further the advance of the gospel overseas. We encourage you to prayerfully consider how you will give toward our missionaries–trusting the Lord to provide as He sees fit.

Basically, they encourage you to ask this:

My Prayerful Faith Promise
I am trusting the Lord that if He would see fit to provide the following amount, $ _______, I’ll know it comes from His hand to meet this wonderful missions opportunity.

What will it be used for? It will be used to:

  • Meet missionary budget shortfalls
  • Support affiliated training centers
  • Send new missionaries to the field
  • Cover administrative costs
  • Fund the gospel ministry efforts of our missionary families around the globe

Now, the fun part! When I came to UCLA, I started using a spreadsheet to keep track of my finances. Unfortunately, when I started, I left an envelope full of money at home that I forgot about, and thus didn’t account for in my spreadsheet. For a while, but especially in the past few weeks, I’ve been wondering how to incorporate that money into my spreadsheet. How would I explain this addition of money? It’s technically not new income, since I owned it before… (It occurs to me now that I could simply add it to my starting balance, but oh well.)

As it turns out, the amount of money in the envelope is the exact same amount of money that I listed in my Faith Promise. I made the promise to turn over a certain amount of money, trusting that He would provide it for me, and He did! In the exact amount! Pretty cool, eh? How great is our God? I’ll wait to see if I run into any more money over the course of the summer so that I can donate it to any number of worthy and God-glorifying efforts, but I know that at the very least, this much is promised to God through His providence.


Questions? Comments? Post them here!

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