Korea Trip Update 6/27

Just finished my first week here in Korea! Only four more left…

Having already spent a whole week here, I can list at least a couple of blessings that God has given me by being here. The first is that I have a lot of time to read and pray. We–as in my brother, mom, and I–haven’t done that much yet, so a lot of my week was spent sitting around. Since the place where I’m staying doesn’t have a reliable Internet connection, my options for activities are limited. (One can only watch so much TV–for one, not all Korean dramas are good, and two, I can only understand so much Korean.) Although my options are limited, that does not mean that I do what I do grudgingly. It has been an incredible joy being able to spend so much time reading the Word, other Christian books, and praying! This time has indeed been time well spent. (Although for the cost of the plane tickets, we should definitely get out more.)

The second blessing is being able to spend time with family, particularly my younger brother. Since a few years ago, when his interests became more defined and distinct from mine, we had less and less to talk about. Add that to the fact that he became an adolescent, and that he spent more and more time with his friends, and the result is that we aren’t all that close. But since we don’t have that many friends here in Korea–he has two from church, I have none–we spend a lot of time with each other, and a lot of it is spent talking. Today we went, just the two of us, to a giant shopping mall for a couple of hours, and we got to hang out and talk for a while. It was nice! We don’t get to do that very often, especially now that I’m in college. Even when I’m not at school, we usually hang out separately, and he’s pretty quiet at home, so it was really nice. Other than my brother, it’s also been great hanging out with my mom, as well as meeting other family members that I haven’t seen in a while. (Some of the kids are so cute!)

I’ll post pictures when I take some good ones, and I’ll be sure to post updates of my trip. I hope your summers are going well!



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