Reblog: “Locavore’s Dilemma”

“Locavore’s Dilemma”
an interview with Prof. Pierre Desrochers by Nancy J. White

There are carnivores. There are herbivores. There are omnivores. And then there are locavores. A locavore is “one who eats food grown locally whenever possible” (M-W). This movement seeks to eat locally for a variety of reasons, such as support of small farms, reduced greenhouse gas emissions from transporting food all over the world, and taste. This interview with an assistant geography professor from the University of Toronto addresses all three of these issues. In addition to this article, I listened to a recent podcast from Freakonomics addressing the same topic of locavorism. It reached much the same conclusion. If food interests you, this is definitely worth a read. Be smart about food, and be smart about money. (HT for interview: Challies)


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