Reblog: “Southern Baptists and Salvation: It’s Time to Talk”

“Southern Baptists and Salvation: It’s Time to Talk”
a blog post by Al Mohler

I grew up Southern Baptist, and I am all the more grateful to have grown up in a denomination marked by a Conservative Resurgence. This return to orthodoxy, led by men such as Al Mohler, has left the denomination firmly rooted in truths such as the inerrancy of scripture and the belief that homosexuality is a sin. Mohler’s post is an excellent reminder to work with other members of the faith, and not be drawn to the error and poor testimony of segregation–what he calls “tribalism”–over doctrinal distinctives. Indeed, one of the beauties of the Southern Baptist Convention is the autonomy of the local church, which allows for a beautiful diversity of churches. It is a denomination that welcomes Calvinists and non-Calvinists so long as they hold to the solid Baptist Faith & Message. Within the Convention, one can choose a church that suits one’s doctrinal beliefs, while maintaining fellowship with other believers. Al Mohler here writes an inspiring post to converse over differences, but to do so in a way that edifies the body and glorifies Christ. It’s something for me as a 5-point Calvinist to remember as I interact with those that are not. (HT: Challies)


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