My name is Elliot and I’m currently a student at UCLA.

I’m creating this blog for a lot of reasons, most of them personal. Here I’ll post my thoughts on a wide array of topics, from photography to book reviews to observations and insights. A lot of content–not all–will be centered on my faith in Christ, which is a result of my feeble attempts to live a life centered on Christ. I wrote a blog like this once before, and I found that it was quite helpful for me to write down my thoughts. It allows me to organize them, make them cohesive, make them meaningful. A blog also helps keep me accountable, since the desire to produce content on a semi-regular basis, I found, spurs me to do the work to produce content (such as reading the Bible and other such books). I’ll only allow myself to post worthy content to this blog, and if I’m ever overwhelmed by the demands of keeping this running, I will close it. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, because this blog is a tool and not an obligation.

Really, this blog is more for me than it is for you. But feel free to read along! I welcome you to join me in the journey that is my life as reflected in this blog.



Questions? Comments? Post them here!

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